Ki-Chu New York was founded in 2014 by Kumiko Jitsukawa in NYC.  Kichu means, “everything is within.”  All emotions are within, such as happiness, joy, and sadness.  When we share food and drink, we can share these emotions.  

Ki-Chu New York infuses traditional Japanese culture with the modern Western world.  As a Japanese lifestyle brand, Ki-Chu educates and informs a cultural expansion enjoyment of our life experience.  Currently Ki-Chu curates ceramics and lacquerware, introducing special collections to clients. Ki-Chu conveys the importance of tableware with stories behind seasonal Japanese foods in order to enhance the dining experience.  Flavors blossom when served properly, and you enjoy the experience through the delicate touch of our finest pieces.




KUMIKO JITSUKAWA (Founder and Creative Director)

Kumiko Jitsukawa was born in Yokohama, Japan, and moved to New York in 2001.  Kumiko had studied at Musashino Art University in Tokyo and also New York School of Interior Design in NYC.  She was trained as a designer and previously worked at L’Observatoire International, the world renowned lighting design firm. Kumiko has overseen various high-profile projects such as Jean-George Vongerichten's restaurant "Jean-Georges", “Shibui Spa” of Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel and one of the most luxury apartments in NYC.

Before moving to NYC, she learned traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine in Kamakura, Japan with Mrs. Hiroko Kawamura. The Kawamura family has been creating ceramics for four generations. Kichu-yo* kiln is the one adjacent to their home, where the family creates usable art.  Kumiko had learned not only the art of cooking exquisite cuisine, but also how to arrange it using the finest tableware.



Kichuyo is a traditional climbing kiln, located in Kamakura where is the birthplace (13th century) city of Japanese Zen. It once belonged to one of the most famous ceramic artists Rosanjin Kitaoji. After Rosanjin died, the ceramic artist Kitaro Kawamura inherited the kiln by arrangement of the Zen master Daiki Tachibana of Daitokuji, which is a Buddhist temple located in Kyoto. Kawamura family has been creating the finest ceramic works there for three generations; since then, Kitaro's grandson Kifumi Kawamura, is currently making beautiful pieces at Kichuyo.

 ©Toshiyuki Mizuta