The next workshop “ Matcha Time” is on Sunday in May 19th, 2019. Tickets will be on sale soon. Stay tuned.

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Ki-Chu New York is holding a special workshop event "Matcha Time" on Sunday April 14th.  

 Recently, matcha is very popular all over especially in NYC. However, many people may not know how to make matcha properly. Ki-Chu New York has created a chance for you to learn how to make matcha by yourself. The process of making matcha is similar to doing meditation. So if you can make matcha properly by yourself at home, it will help you go back to the center of your heart for elegant living a daily routine. In addition we want you to experience the many unique matcha bowls by ceramic artist, Kifumi Kawamura at Kichuyo kiln* in Kamakura. It is a very rare luxurious experience to make matcha with these tea bowls created by the artist. Please join us to enjoy making matcha.

We will provide both traditional Japanese confectionery and non Japanese traditional sweets. You will make 2 or 3 bowls of matcha to practice. Additionally we are selling these tea bowls at this time. You may find your favorite ones. It is a rare opportunity at an unusually good price.    


*Kichuyo kiln: A traditional climbing kiln, located in Kamakura where is the birthplace (13th century) city of Japanese Zen. It once belong one of famous ceramic artists Rosanjin Kitaoji.

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