THE DINING TABLE is the stage in the performance.

A meal is similar to a performance. A nice stage, set and illumination help to create a better show. It helps to create a good mood for the theater stage. It is necessary to have a nice set for the success of a delightful performance. So it is important to prepare a pleasant dining environment in which to enjoy your meals.


THE INGREDIENTS are the cast of the performance. 

Who will be cast in the lead and supporting roles? All performers should be fresh and colorful. It is important to have a balance of textures, color and nutrition. In directing a good performance, you must carefully choose the cast, so the quality of the ingredients is of absolute importance.

THE MEAL is the performance.

The key to a nice meal is to draw inspiration from ingredients. A meal is a success when the ingredients' characters, tastes, textures and colors are brought out and nicely combined. This harmony of elements will create a wonderful dining experience.

THE TABLEWARE is the costume in the performance.

Performers look very different depending on costume. In a performance, you can enjoy looking at beautiful scenery and performers. In dining, you can enjoy visual beauty as well, but also the perception of touch.  The aesthetic experience of the meal is enhanced by the materials, thickness and shape, and smoothness.  A superb meal can be made even more delectable when complemented by the right tableware.

©Kumiko Jitsukawa